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How Can MISA Support Children’s Education in the COVID-19 Lockdown?
April 25, 2020

The COVID-19 lockdown is a psychological challenge for everyone, but especially for children. Parents must not only look after their own well-being; they must also ensure their children keep happy and don’t miss out on their education.

Children might not show their stress in adult ways, but it is very likely during the coronavirus lockdown that your children are feeling anxiety from disruption to their structured routines, sadness over losing contact with their friends, and boredom from not being mentally stimulated and challenged.

Schools provide a good education, but it’s not the buildings and books that do it.

Children are social learners – to learn effectively and develop their brains normally, they must activate the social centres of their brain and engage in fun, playful education which releases dopamine and serotonin, allowing their brains to form memories and develop skills.

The challenge for parents is to turn the coronavirus lockdown into education for their children.

Snakes and Ladders of Education

In the well-known game of snakes and ladders, players roll a dice and either leap up ladders and win, or slide down snakes and lose. Teachers all know that any vacation longer than a month results in kids sliding back. Most teachers spend the first month of the new school year going over learning covered before the long vacation.

COVID-19 is not going anywhere fast, and lockdown could last for months and months. Wouldn’t it be amazing if every vacation was a leap up the ladder of education?

Parents no longer need to roll the dice and gamble on which way their kids’ education is going. Misa provides your child with over thousands of hours of safe and ad-free games, books, learning apps, and videos all from top family brands. Children can learn English, Maths, Science, Coding and grow their cognitive development through books, games and videos.

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That One Teacher You Remember

Everyone has a teacher they loved. More than likely, you remember loads of what they taught you. It’s just possible, the career you have now was built on the base that teacher gave you. We are cognitively hard-wired to learn from the people we love. First it’s our parents, and then it’s wonderful teachers in formal education.

Misa, the lovable, social robot who will dance and sing and coo when you cuddle it, fires up the love of learning. Misa keeps children connected with everyone involved in their education during the coronavirus lockdown: parents, brothers and sisters, and of course Misa!

When Education meets Entertainment

Edutainment – the hugely beneficial fusion of education and entertainment – is the education secret scientists and game designers know works.

Motivation is hard to come by for most children outside of traditional educational settings. During the COVID-19 lockdown, kids are surrounded by distractions. When learning becomes a chore, when stress at being nagged goes up, the dopamine dries up, and learning stops. Edutainment means learning is fun. Edutainment uses the well-known psychological drivers in games to develop knowledge and skills in maths and English. What Edutainment does, which other forms of education can’t do so well, is develop the cognitive skills of problem solving, logic, abstraction and evaluation.

Misa is your Edutainment rich, socially rewarding, leap up the education ladder during the coronavirus lockdown.

What’s more, a child that is happy and stimulated has a resilient brain – and couldn’t we all use a bit more resilience while we all do our bit to battle COVID-19?

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