• Getting Started

  • Is Misa AI connected to the cloud? What was your biggest challenge with creating “conversational intelligence” for children?

    Yes, conversational intelligence resides primarily on the cloud and partially on the robot. The biggest challenge for creating conversational AI for kids is to make it age-appropriate and culturally relevant across different countries.

  • What is the previous work experience/background of the team?

    Misa has been developed by professionals who have 40+ years’ experience in the Technology sector. Our Group was founded in 2013, in less than 7 years we have become one of the fastest-growing PC companies with a presence across 50 countries serving more than 2 million customers.

  • How did you get the price down to $349? Did you use off-the-shelf components?

    The market is witnessing robots being launched at the $1,000 price point. We have invested a significant amount of time and effort in R&D to lower the price point to $700 and offer it at $350 for our early adopters. Every aspect of the hardware is designed with the utmost attention to detail, and no off-the-shelf components are used.

  • Does Misa require a WiFi connection?

    No. You can use Misa if you don’t have a WiFi connection. However, some features such as Telepresence and alert notifications won’t be available without a WiFi connection.

  • Which wireless networks will support Misa?

    Misa Robot can be connected via both Bluetooth and WiFi.

  • Does Misa communicate with other robots?

    Misa can communicate with other Misa robots and all the Misa will have their own social network. We plan to launch www.misabot.com in 2021. It will be a social network for your Misa allowing them to interact with each other and share photos & videos.

  • Can I control Misa with several smartphones or computers?

    Several phones, tablets or computers can control the same Misa. Your Misa Connect app will notify you if someone else is already actively using Misa.

  • Does Misa connect app work with iOS, Android devices?

    Yes. Misa will have his own mobile app and can be downloaded for free on any smartphone that is compatible with iOS & Android devices.

  • How is Misa different from smart speakers such as Amazon Echo/Alexa or Google Home? Is this Misa?

    There is a big difference between them and Misa in terms of technology and purpose. The products you mentioned are voice assistants that are meant to simplify tasks through voice. Misa’s purpose is to engage in meaningful conversations and ensure playful learning. Moreover, your data remains encrypted and safe with Misa. Visit www.heymisa.com for more information

  • Can I access Misa from outside of my house (remotely)?

    Of course. You can interact with Misa remotely. Yes, you can have a video call and remotely control your Misa from work or while you are away to talk to your child.

  • Can Misa communicate wirelessly to my devices?

    Yes, you can have a video call or send messages and remotely control your Misa from work or while you are away to talk to your child.

  • How does Misa navigate around the house?

    Misa is equipped with a wide range of sensors: Obstacle Sensor, Drop Sensor, and Touch Sensor. To navigate, Misa uses these sensors to move around while avoiding obstacles and familiarize itself with your home. Misa will stop before running into objects in front of him. He will also stop before going over a stairway or other surfaces drop off.

  • How does Misa move?

    Misa moves autonomously on commands. Misa can rotate itself in all directions, enhancing how it interacts with you. Misa is completely wireless and can sense obstacles and pitfalls in its way. When you’re away, you can control Misa remotely through a mobile app on your smartphone.

  • What languages does Misa speak?

    Misa currently speaks English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Korean, Japanese and Mandarin.

    Russian, Polish, Swedish, Arabic, and Hebrew languages are under development and would be ready by end of the year. Owners of the first batch of Misa Robot shall receive free over the air update on new languages.

  • What colors are available for Misa ?

    Misa comes in Blue and Pink Colors.

  • How durable is Misa?

    Misa is a robust robot, built to handle most common shocks. However, like all electronic devices, you should treat Misa with care.

  • Does Misa come with local storage?

    Yes, Misa will allow you to store 16GB locally.

  • Can I give MISA a different name?

    For now, you will have to call it by MISA to interact. Name customization will be available in the future.

  • How tall is Misa? How heavy?

    Misa is 11.2 inches tall and about 1.1 Kg weight.

  • How easy is it to set up and use MISA?

    Misa is easy to use and operate. Simplicity and accessibility are the core of our product.

  • If I have a question, how I can reach your team?

    Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. For questions regarding MISA, your perk, the Developer Program, or the campaign itself, the MISA Robotics Team can be reached at info@heymisa.com

  • Misa Apps

  • What apps will be available for Misa?

    Almost all existing Android apps in the Google Play Store will work on Misa. Developers will also be able to adapt their apps for Misa to provide an even better experience. Developers can innovate and create new apps. The possibilities are endless with some imagination! Apps for games, music, TV, video calls, home security can be created for Misa.

  • Where will I be able to download Misa apps?

    Misa connect app will be available in the Google Play Store & iOS App Store.

  • Developer Program and the SDK

  • Is the software open source?

    There is a part of open-source with 3D unity language programming. Most part of Misa’s platform will be open source including all you need to create new applications and accessories.

  • How do I get information and support as a developer?

    When you pre-order a Misa Developer Edition, you will become a full member of our Misa’s Developers community. We hope that you will help Misa to become an indispensable companion robot. We want to make your Misa apps and content come to life and are committed to working with you to make these tools truly exceptional.

  • What programming language do I need to know?

    The SDK will be a graphical tool for programming and is easily accessible. Prior knowledge of 3D Unity, C++, C#, and the JavaScript programming languages is beneficial. Even you don’t have basic programming skills (or are a beginner), you will be able to create simple apps. Anyone can create behaviors simply by dragging and dropping actions from the library or creating customized boxes and saving them to custom libraries.

  • How is the Developer Edition different from the Home Edition?

    Developers will have early access to our SDK, including libraries, headers, documentation, samples for integrating Misa and most importantly, the support of our team. Developers are also the first to receive Misa upon shipping.

  • Battery life and Usage

  • How does Misa’a battery recharge?

    It takes Misa approximately 3hrs for a full charge.

  • How can I tell when the battery is running low?

    Misa has a battery indicator on its screen, you will receive a notification when it is under 10%

  • Does Misa have a battery ?

    Yes. Misa has a Lithium-Ion battery which lasts up to 8 hours of continuous use.

  • Privacy and Security

  • What data do we store?

    We do not store any personal data.

  • Does someone else can control my MISA?

    To remotely control your MISA, you must log in with a unique and secure username and password. You are the only one that can control him. When calling someone through the app, the receiver has to explicitly accept the call.

  • How about Privacy?

    We truly believe that privacy is sacred. We are doing our utmost to firmly secure any data. The communication between MISA and his users is encrypted and not stored. Misa Robot + companion app is listed by the kidSAFE Seal Program. To learn more, click on the seal or go to www.kidsafeseal.com.

  • Can MISA sleep?

    Yes, he can sleep. You wake MISA by greeting Misa – “Hello Misa”. While sleeping, MISA does not listen nor watch anything. MISA 100% respects your privacy.

  • Contact us

  • I'm a distributor/retailer, how do I contact you?

    We are accepting inquiries regarding future distribution opportunities via email at contact@heymisa.com. Thank you for your interest in Misa! Join us in the movement to take personal robotics to the next level!

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